January 04, 2012
Seattle-based gift card provider Tango Card and San Francisco-based Earndit, which administers a rewards program for exercisers,  announced the launch of their group challenge platform. 

Earndit has created a system that automatically monitors workouts with approved fitness apps like Nike+, Garmin, Fitbit, and RunKeeper and rewards points to participants based on how much they exercise. Points can be redeemed for rewards through their site. 

The earn-and-burn system is familiar, but Earnedit has taken the concept a step further. "Just this month, we rolled out a feature called Challenges that allows people to create private fitness challenges among a group of friends or co-workers," says co-founder and CEO Andres Moran. "Tango Card's comprehensive offering is a perfect prize for these group challenges. They provide a great product that is simple to use and understand and is backed by world-class mobile apps."

To create a challenge on Earnedit, users simply choose how much the per-person entry fee will be, set the rules of the challenge, and then invite others via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Once the challenge ends, the winner is emailed a Tango Card in the amount of the sum of the entry fees minus Earndit's 10 percent service fee.  

"Earndit has tapped into a massive opportunity in a compelling way and at a time where all of the technology and devices support such an ambitious company," states David Leeds, founder and CEO of Tango Card. "Earndit is a cool company, they have a great team, and we are thrilled to work with them to make these group and social challenges a huge success."