by Alex Palmer | May 10, 2013
Incentive gift card and reward firm SVM is rebooting its brand with a new logo, website, and marketing campaign. The Des Plaines, IL–based company’s refreshed brand, which includes the tagline "Solutions That Motivate," aims to bring SVM’s identity in line with its growing product and service offerings to the incentive industry.

“We are, and always have been, a company that provides rewards people want and need, and these rewards drive positive behavior,” said SVM President Jim Leroux, in a statement. “Now, our brand and marketing messages have caught up with who we are. SVM provides organizations with solutions that motivate, and our tools are gift cards, eGift, promotional and reward cards, and network prepaid cards.”

SVM specializes in gift cards, network prepaid cards, eGift and award codes, and gift card fulfillment. With the new brand identity, the company has created a new campaign website that offers details on how SVM’s products can be used in various employee- and customer-focused programs, including safety incentives, customer loyalty, and corporate gifting. The new website also includes almost a dozen case studies of the company’s solutions in action.

Its logo has been completely redone. Instead of the red letters set on a blue circle, the new logo features a more simple, modern arrow graphic in light green and gray.

As part of this effort, SVM is also conducting original research on trends in rewards and recognition. The company is gathering data from human resources, marketing, and sales professionals and will be publishing the results in the months ahead. 

“With our new messaging, we are going deeper than talking about gift cards,” Leroux added. “We believe it’s about providing that favorite cup of coffee, or dinner at a restaurant, or a full tank of gas when you weren’t expecting it. We help our customers find the right reward for their customers and employees.”