For Gift Cards, Good Eats Never Go Out of Style

by Deanna Ting | May 22, 2013
Food, beverage, and dining gift cards remain a solid incentive reward for employees nationwide.

National Gift Card Adds Four Gaming Brands

by Kate Mulcrone | May 20, 2013
Card giant adds to its music- and gaming-branded gift cards.

Mobile Mother's Day Card Sales Propel CashStar's Growth

by Kate Mulcrone | May 20, 2013
Gift sales give a boost to what has so far been a boom year.

SVM Unveils New Brand Identity

by Alex Palmer | May 10, 2013
Incentive gift card and reward firm SVM is rebooting its brand with a new logo, website, and marketing campaign.

Gyft Opens Itself Up to Incentive Programs

by Alex Palmer | April 02, 2013
The mobile gift card company has extended its service to companies and developers.

CashStar Brings Gifting to Tablets

by Deanna Ting | March 26, 2013
Digital gifting company debuts tablet-based e-gifting solution.

How Gift Card Resellers Can Make Your Programs More Efficient and Effective

by Kate Mulcrone | March 13, 2013
Resellers offer a range of services that go beyond a card's value.

IGCC Analyzes Gift Card Legislation in California

by Deanna Ting | February 27, 2013
California’s law “has created a great deal of extra work and potential problems for merchants,” writes George B. Delta.

CashStar Adds Retailers

February 13, 2013
CashStar adds new retailers to its more than 250 in-network partners.

Smartphone Apps Can Make Any Gift Card Virtual

by Kate Mulcrone | January 14, 2013
The difference between pixel and plastic is almost negligible, thanks to smartphone apps.

CVS Offers In-Store Gift Card Exchange

by Kate Mulcrone | January 03, 2013
CVS's partnership with Plastic Jungle allows users to trade in gift cards for CVS-branded cards.

New App Manages Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

by Deanna Ting | January 03, 2013
Clutch app manages daily deals, coupons, offer searches, shopping comparisons, and social gifting as well as cards