Gift Card Resellers: On the Road to Success

by Andrea Doyle | January 21, 2015
Resellers see high demand for gasoline gift cards as well as digital gift cards.

Mobile Wallets: Are They an Incentive Game Changer?

by Mike Fletcher, InComm Digital Solutions | January 05, 2015
Three ways in which mobile wallets will impact loyalty and incentive providers.

New Incentive System Increases Sales and Builds Consumer Loyalty

by Deanna Ting | January 05, 2015
The EZ Referral Network helps retailers boost sales and customer loyalty at the same time with digital gift cards.

CashStar Teams Up With PayPal,

by Deanna Ting | December 31, 2014

The digital gifting company is making strategic partnerships to expand its reach.

Gift Cards Are Preferred, But There's Guilt Involved

by Deanna Ting | December 10, 2014

A new CashStar survey finds that 78 percent of consumers prefer the ease of gift cards, but one in three is guilty about asking for them.


Holiday Gift Cards Remain Popular

by Deanna Ting | December 08, 2014
The Retail Gift Card Association finds that 70 percent of consumers plan to give at least one gift card this holiday season.

Study: Interest in Digital Gift Cards Growing

by Alex Palmer | November 20, 2014
InComm research finds young consumers in particular favor digital gift cards stores on their smartphones.

Q&A: The Rise of Mobile Gift Cards

by Alex Palmer | November 20, 2014
InComm's Mike Fletcher speaks with Incentive about the growing demand for digital gift cards

Gift Cards Continue to Go Mobile

by Andrea Doyle | November 20, 2014
Immediate delivery, customization, and flexible denominations are contribution to the popularity of online gift cards.

The Future of Gift Cards Is Online

by Deanna Ting | November 17, 2014
A new consumer study from First Data shows that gift card usage remains strong, and that a third of consumers are now opting for online gift cards.

Are Holiday Gift Cards Going Out of Style?

by Deanna Ting | November 02, 2014
Deloitte’s newest holiday retail survey suggests that most of us don’t want a gift card this year.

Sephora, Starbucks Are Tops When It Comes to Digital Gifting Across Multiple Platforms

by Deanna Ting | October 14, 2014
A new benchmark study from RSR looks at ways brands are evolving the omni-channel and digital gifting experience.