by Andrea Doyle | December 01, 2015
Just as the most successful employee incentives are not one-size-fits-all, the same holds true for online and mobile gift cards. Not only do digital rewards offer the flexibility of choosing from music, film, publishing, retail, or restaurants; but a company logo, program theme, image, or message can be used to personalize the reward.

3M, a multinational conglomerate, needed a simple way to increase business activity among its sales team. With numbers lower than usual, the business giant needed an appealing way to get its team back on track. With the help of Parsippany, NJ-based MediaTree, its leaders decided to reward top employees who had the most sales activity with $25 personalized e-gift cards that could be used at the online retailer of their choice.

Each card provided a code, and with this code, employees were directed to a custom-branded redemption page. From there, they were able to choose the store in which they wanted to redeem their award.  

The use of gift cards in incentive programs is a burgeoning trend. Fifty-nine percent of the 62 gift cards surveyed by, as part of its 2014 Gift Card Survey, come in digital form, a small uptick from the 54 percent of gift cards surveyed the previous year.