by Alex Palmer | September 19, 2017
Retailers selling gas now have an easier way to leverage the branding and motivational benefits of gift cards in their fuel offerings. InComm On-Line Strategies (OLS), a subsidiary of payment solutions provider InComm, has announced a partnership with National Bankcard Services (NBS) to provide its specialized gift card processing to participating fuel retailers. 

The partnership provides retailers with expanded options for accepting and processing fuel gift cards, such as redeeming them directly at the pump. InComm OLS and NBS used InComm's switch technology to create a program that ensures consumers receive the specific preauthorization needed to start fueling right at the pump (as opposed having to redeem by going to the cashier). The solutions providers expect this will mean a more seamless payment experience while also providing the retailer a cost-effective way to serve their customers purchasing gas. 

"We are very excited to be working with NBS to provide a channel for our mutual customers to take advantage of a new InComm product offering," said Terry Richards, president of InComm OLS, in a statement. "Our integration enables us to provide product acceptance convenience that meets the needs of both the retailer and the consumer."

The organization expects that this integration will give fuel retailers a way to more easily provide the branded, value-added convenience of fuel gift cards to their customers. With this marketing tool, retailers can offer prepaid options to consumers for an industry that can often prove challenging to access in part because of its particular payment authorization process.