by Alex Palmer | November 07, 2017
Gift card services provider National Gift Card (NGC) has launched an updated Application Program Interface (API) to include more than 500 different brands across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The upgraded API promises a range of capabilities to make processing and delivering digital and now physical gift card orders easier as the busy holiday season approaches.

The API manages the operational aspects of connecting with retailers' processors and activating eGift cards online via a uniquely branded email that program administrators could send to recipients. Programs can connect with the API by using it to deposit live eGift card codes on a designated website for end-users to pick up; emailing an eCode directly to recipients; rewarding gift cards electronically to incentive recipients; and a new capability, ordering plastic gift cards.

The upgraded API allows employee rewards, incentive, and loyalty programs to process gift card orders in real-time when customers or incentive recipients redeem points, miles, or other types of value. With security a growing concern for incentive planners, the offering also provides fraud protection with tools such as security threshold access limits based on the user's IP address, intrusion detection, and event logging to detect suspicious activity or redemption attempts.

"Gift card API services are the path of the future in the incentive industry," said Eric Thiegs, president of National Gift Card, "and our updated platform and API gift card catalog offers a new standard on security, speed, quality, and choice for B2B buyers looking for a digital reward service provider for their programs."

The upgraded API can now also support specific dollar increment reward levels for U.S. brands, going as low as $1. 

The offering also integrates digital gift cards with physical ones, accepting orders for physical cards immediately, and processing them within 48 hours.

"We have a commitment to deliver the best in gift card sourcing and fulfillment technology in a way that focuses on the foundation of security, quality and speed," said Thiegs.