by Deanna Ting | June 03, 2014
Gift card buyers that use Kiind, a Vancouver-based digital gifting service that launched in 2013, now have more options when it comes to funding their gift cards, as well as receiving cash back from unused or unclaimed gift cards, thanks to a new addition to the Kiind platform. With Kiind, gift card buyers only pay for gift cards if and when the recipient claims the gift card. 

Now, Kiind users can fund their gift card orders using a reloadable account balance that can be funded with a bank transfer, check, purchase order, or credit card. Available account balances can also be refunded to buyers at any time.

“Cash-back accounts mean that Kiind users get more flexibility and control when it comes to their gift incentive programs,” says Leif Barady, CEO of Kiind. “This is critical for the businesses that use Kiind for customer engagement. The payment space is evolving quickly. Customers rightly expect services like Kiind to provide them convenient options for payment, rather than narrowing their choice.” 

He adds, “Kiind’s gifting platform is a customer loyalty tool. Businesses are using gift cards because they are more effective than account credit or cash, and they are using Kiind for these incentives because they can control the branding and messaging of communication, there are major cost savings, there is a wide choice of multiple gift cards, and for our platform’s simplicity and flexibility.”

Baradoy notes that Kiind’s detailed reports make incentive programs more accountable and measurable. “Businesses can get new data and insights from their customer incentives, and that data can be easily exported from Kiind and put in context of other CRM data so they can better understand their customers and the results of their incentive efforts.” 

Available gift card brands offered through Kiind include;; iTunes; Nike, Home Depot, Columbia Sportswear, and JC Penney.