by Deanna Ting | April 08, 2014
Atlanta-based InComm, a prepaid product and transaction services company, recently launched Corporate B2B Store, which will serve as a turnkey e-commerce solution that helps brands sell their own gift cards to their corporate and promotions clients. 

Through the new site, brands can enable individual and bulk fulfillment of both digital and physical cards, as well as oversee the management and reporting of gift card programs. 
“Sales to corporate and promotions clients have always been an important part of a retailer’s gift card program,” said Mike Fletcher, general manager, InComm Digital Solutions. “What’s more, gift cards provided through corporate programs can reach customers who have previously not engaged with the retailer, so they not only have a big impact on revenue, but also help promote new brand loyalties. Unfortunately, many retailers today have limited resources to manage their corporate gift card programs. In addition, they are relying on manual processes across multiple disparate systems to accommodate just one specific task at a time. We’re pleased to now offer Corporate B2B Store because it streamlines the entire B2B gift card fulfillment and management workflow through one, easy-to-use system, allowing retailers to speed internal processes and increase efficiency.”
The new Corporate B2B Store includes the following additional features:
- Co-branding is available for both digital and physical cards
- Digital and physical fulfillment can be either “many-to-one” (bulk) or “one-to-many” (individual)
- Corporate accounts can be set up with associated payment terms and discount tiers
- Digital gift card orders can be customized with photos, text, or company logo
- Order statuses can be viewed for easy tracking 
- Both variable and set denominated cards are available
“Our Corporate B2B Store gives retailers more flexibility to sell both physical and digital gift cards, which, in the past, required working with multiple vendors and solutions,” said Fletcher. “As more retailers’ clients run campaigns online or via email, we’re seeing an increased demand for digital cards, so the ability to easily and cost-effectively offer and manage both is a huge benefit.”