by Alex Palmer | August 22, 2017
Reward and recognition company Hawk Incentives is elevating the word-of-mouth potential of rebates. Partnering with referral-marketing firm Extole, the Blackhawk Network business announced a new offering that will now allow consumers to refer a friend to a rebate offer while recommending the product or service they purchased via email or social media. 

The collaboration allows clients to include a refer-a-friend link in their online rebate submission page. From there, those clients' customers are able to recommend the product or service that they just purchased with the rebate, letting friends and family know about it via email or social media. By sharing the rebate, the consumers may then be able to receive an additional incentive, extending the value of the rebate and potentially boosting brand engagement. 

"Marketers continue to embrace rebates because they respond to shopper demands for deals while providing great avenues for data collection and engagement," said Theresa McEndree, vice president of marketing for Hawk Incentives. "By assisting our customers in including a refer-a-friend incentive within their rebate experience, they can further engage with a customer with a demonstrated interest in incentives, and convert the rebate into a powerful customer advocacy driver."

Hawk Incentives now links to Extole's refer-a-friend offerings through its Hawk Redeem platform, which can be customized for individual brands and rebate programs. Chris Duskin, vice president of marketing for Extole, added that receiving a rebate or promotion is something a consumer will naturally want to let their friends or family know about.

"Sharing that feeling with their friends and family is a compelling combination for marketers and consumers alike," he said. "This collaboration between Hawk Incentives and Extole helps brands build on the engagement of delighted consumers by creating brand advocates and acquiring new customers."