by Leo Jakobson | October 29, 2012
With digital downloads of songs, books, movies and other content an increasingly popular award option in incentive and employee loyalty programs, Ontario, Canada-based Global Reward Solutions has launched an awards catalog with 22 million downloadable items.
The Global Reward Solutions (GRS) Digital Rewards catalog, powered by One Clique Media’s technology platform, can be integrated into any motivation program’s platform, regardless of where employees are located. GRS also has a merchandise catalog with company- and culture-specific awards available in 55 countries.
The digital rewards selection includes global travel and events tickets, a virtual Visa card, platform-neutral MP3 songs, a library of global sporting events, e-books compatible with the Amazon Kindle and other platforms, 55,000 movies, and 100,000 TV shows, as well as online games and apps.

Points recipients are able to combine points with a debit or credit card to buy awards, which ensures that small point balances — whether left over after a larger award redemption or simply from small awards — can be used rather than left unredeemed, losing their motivational value.
The awards catalog allows companies to easily filter and design custom rewards programs by customer and country, while providing real-time tracking and reporting on a global scale. A global currency calculator updates reward point values daily based on the latest currency fluctuations.