by Alex Palmer | February 16, 2016
A new offering from digital gifting company Gift Card Impressions (GCI) aims to give companies more personalized ways to reward customers or event attendees. The new technology allows users to create personalized "digital experiences" -- web pages that announce and celebrate the award using photos, videos, music, text, and speech, either in combination with third-party gift cards or without. 

"The technology is available for companies looking to provide deeper connectivity and engagement for their incentive, reward, recognition programs," said Brett Glass, founder and CEO of GCI. "GCI's new platform can be integrated into HR systems or provide a differentiated communications platform for incentive providers."

The system is offered as a "white-label technology," manufactured by GCI, but sold by other companies, branded and customized based on a business's needs, and integrated into existing platforms. The site can be applied to loyalty, rebate, reward, or incentive programs. 

According to Glass, his team conducted extensive research on how communications affects the impact of gifting, developing this new platform in collaboration with its partners, with an eye toward creating memorable experiences for end users. He points to a recent survey from the Center for Generational Kinetics, that found this technology "improves emotional connectivity between the sender and recipient by 300 percent."

He emphasized that it is now more important than ever for organizations to leverage digital communication in order to reach end users, particularly members of the Millennial generation --but also a challenge to engage consumers in such a crowded sector. 

"With the current onslaught of email and text messages, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd," said Glass. "GCI's new technology helps businesses and employers engage with the recipient while effectively changing the game by delivering a much deeper emotional connection via communication, with or without the No. 1 reward of choice, a gift card."