by Deanna Ting | August 26, 2013
Facebook will soon do away with its physical gifts such as wine, flowers, and toys, to focus more on its Facebook Card, a reusable, tangible plastic gift card that lets users keep balances from a variety of retailers. 

The reason for this shift is to cut down on delivery and management costs, Facebook told CNET. According to Facebook, approximately 80 percent of gifts purchased through the social media network were gift cards, as opposed to physical gifts.

Facebook Cards first debuted in January 2013 and consist of actual plastic gift cards that are mailed to Facebook users who sign up for the card via Facebook. Through Facebook, users can easily send gifts to other Facebook users, and any gifted gift card balances are immediately added to the specified Facebook Card user’s specific account. A single Facebook Card user can have gift card balances from multiple retailers, all stored within his or her Facebook Card.