by Deanna Ting | December 16, 2013

Earlier this week, digital gift card provider CashStar debuted Tactile Unwrapping, a new interactive module that is part of the company’s digital gifting platform. This new module can be configured so that gift card purchasers or givers can select wrapping paper, add a handwritten message, and virtually “wrap” a digital gift card that is delivered through CashStar. Gift card recipients simply “unwrap” their gift cards by using their fingertips on their touchscreen devices, or with a click of a mouse on desks and laptops.

Ben Kaplan, president and CEO of Portland, ME-based CashStar, told that the impetus for developing Tactile Unwrapping was motivated by a desire to make the digital gifting experience more personalized. “We asked ourselves, ‘How can the gifting experience feel as engaging, personalized, and tangible for something that’s delivered digitally?” He says, “That’s one thing we’re trying to do—to make that experience as rich as possible. Tactile Unwrapping really allows the gift to be revealed to the receiver in a way that mimics or follows a traditional unwrapping experience.”

The Tactile Unwrapping capabilities launched with several CashStar clients, just in time for the holiday season. They include QVC, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and West Elm among others. The Tactile Unwrapping module was released in conjunction with a new, enhanced preview feature that helps convert buyers. These latest enhancements not only increase the conversion rate and transaction frequency, but also user satisfaction ratings of both giver and receiver of digital gift cards.

Kaplan added, “Everyone loves receiving gift cards, but buyers often worry that they lack that personal touch. By sending digital gift cards in selected giftwrap with a message to the recipient, the gift card becomes a truly thoughtful and personal gift. And, the enhanced customer experience encourages future purchases by both the sender and recipient.”

Earlier this month, CashStar also announced that it has integrated its digital gifting platform and retailer partners into Facebook Gifts. Now, recipients of Facebook Gifts can redeem their gifts through their preferred shopping behavior or channel from more than 50 different brands that include Crate & Barrel, TGI Friday’s, and Brooks Brothers.
The CashStar platform gives Facebook Gift recipients immediate access to their gift in the form of a barcode-based digital gift card and enables a redemption experience that includes barcode scanning, printing for in-store redemption, and saving to Apple’s Passbook. 
“By providing our clients seamless integration with Facebook Gifts, CashStar helps top retailers extend their digital gifting programs to reach the massive audience of Facebook users,” said Kaplan. “We are incredibly excited to work with Facebook to deliver an enhanced real-time gifting experience for the holidays and we look forward to expanding the program with additional partners and capabilities.”