by Deanna Ting | March 26, 2013
Portland, ME-based digital gifting and incentives company CashStar recently debuted a new tablet-based e-gifting solution, something that the company believes will allow retailers to cater very specifically to the growing tablet shopping community, by quickly converting touches and swipes into more sales. 

Citing research from mobile app company Branding Brand, CashStar says that tablet-specific shopping experiences have been shown to increase purchase conversions rates by 10 percent. It also notes a 2013 National Retail Federation survey that shows that tablet owners use their devices to make purchases 62 percent more than smartphone owners. The number of shoppers who shop via tablet is expected to grow: ABI Research estimates that another billion tablet devices will be sold within the next five years.

Because tablets allow users to access touch-based features, and to easily see photos and watch videos, CashStar believes that tablet delivery of e-gift cards will continue to grow in popularity.

“Consumers are naturally drawn to tablets as shopping devices, yet until now, they couldn’t take full advantage of the tablet’s interface to create beautiful e-gifts or to enjoy receiving them in the unique ways tablets provide,” says David Stone, co-founder and CEO of CashStar. “CashStar’s vision has always been to drive the evolution from e-gift cards being a transactional delivery of monetary value to embodying the true essence of gifting — the experience of creating and sharing highly personalized experiences. Our tablet gifting is a big step toward this goal. Retailers not optimizing e-gifts for the tablet will miss out on important potential revenue.”

The new tablet gifting solution is accessible on all tablets and is specially designed for tablet use with larger links and buttons than standard websites that are easier to tap and therefore lead to higher purchase conversion rates. Once a gift card sender has finalized her e-gift card, she can preview an animated 3-D “reveal” that will be sent to recipients, after which they can “open” their e-gift card and redeem it online or in print to use in a store.

“Tablet gifting is just the latest in CashStar’s history of gifting innovation,” says Stone. “From establishing the e-gift market in 2007 to driving every innovation in e-gift personalization and user experience since, including Facebook delivery and enhanced print-at-home capabilities, followed by our introduction of mobile e-gifting in 2011, being first to integrate retailer gift cards with Apple Passbook in 2012, and now in 2013 with the introduction of the first gifting experiences expressly designed for tablets. And I’m more excited than ever about the many other innovations we have planned.”

CashStar’s Tablet Gifting will be available to retailers in the second quarter of 2013.