by Deanna Ting | October 27, 2015
CashStar, a provider of prepaid commerce solutions, has added significant product enhancements to its Cashstar Commerce platform, including private label credit card support, regifting, and on-demand activation. With these and additional advanced prepaid commerce capabilities, CashStar will continue help its clients to outpace their competitors with revenue-generating gift card programs and prepaid commerce experiences.
"As we advance CashStar Commerce, we keep a laser focus on the functionality our clients need to accelerate growth and maintain their position as leaders in prepaid commerce," said Gerry Gilbert, CashStar's vice president of product. "These recent enhancements include support for private label credit cards as a payment type, which is a critical revenue driver for premier retailers. With additional marketing capabilities, regifting, and new features that bring even more flexibility to our business application, this new functionality supports growth initiatives across all aspects of a merchant's business - B2C, B2B and third-party channels."
Enhancements include:
CashStar Consumer
· Private Label Credit Card Support: Consumers now have the ability to purchase gift cards online with a merchant's private label credit card. Private label card acceptance allows merchants to reduce processing costs, increase lift, and expand the customer base for online gift card purchases.
· In-App Plastic Gift Card Purchase: Merchants can now easily extend their mobile apps to allow consumers to purchase both digital and plastic gift cards through the CashStar platform.
· Expanded UX Integration Options: CashStar's flexible prepaid commerce application includes support for iframe deployments.  Merchants now have the option to embed the gift card purchasing experience into their websites.
· Integrated Site Tracking Capabilities: Using Google Tag Manager, retailers can seamlessly track click-throughs and visitor activity across their ecommerce and CashStar-powered prepaid commerce sites.
CashStar Business
· Card-Level Order Activation: Retailers may now offer B2B clients the flexibility to activate an entire order at once or to activate individual cards from an order as needed. 
· Custom Approval Attributes: Retailers have the flexibility to define and configure order approval criteria to align with their B2B client management process.
· Pre-Approved Recipient Messaging: Retailers can define a custom set of messaging options for their B2B clients. This reduces friction at check out and ensures gift card recipients always receive consistent brand messaging.
CashStar Marketing
· On-Demand Activation: Merchants can now distribute inactive gift cards for customers to activate any time a gifting occasion arises. Cards are activated through a simplified purchasing process, protected and indemnified by CashStar's revenue-optimized risk management capabilities.
· On-Demand Distribution: On-demand distribution allows retailers to quickly and easily implement new promotional programs that are managed and fulfilled through CashStar Marketing.
CashStar Platform
· Regifting: The CashStar Platform now includes a regifting process that is available across all applications. Recipients can forward digital gift cards to family and friends, resulting in an enhanced gifting experience while ensuring the integrity and security of the digital card.  Perhaps most importantly, this drives redemption for retailers by ensuring the gift card value is in the most appropriate hands to increase sales and lift.
· Prepaid Funds Management for Third-Party Distributors: CashStar Commerce now includes a managed service to support the credit extension and collection of funds for gift card purchases made by a merchant's B2B customers and distribution partners. This streamlines the purchase process and frees merchants from the hassle of managing the funds related to those transactions. 
· Additional Processor Integration Capabilities: Although real-time integration is the primary means through which CashStar communicates with processors, batch integration remains important for some merchants. CashStar's batch processing is more flexible and scalable than ever to support the needs of these merchants.
· Expanded Single Sign-On Framework: Once logged into a retailer's business website, customers are now able to navigate between the business website and the CashStar-hosted prepaid card purchasing site without needing to re-authenticate.