July 25, 2017
Though incentive planners should strive to select gift cards that recipients will happily spend, sometimes the match is not quite perfect. It is in these situations that a service like the new Cardpool Marketplace comes in handy. Cardpool, the gift card exchange company owned by Blackhawk Network, announced the launch of the new Marketplace on July 24, offering up an ecommerce platform that allows individuals to buy and sell pre-owned gift cards.

Sellers can post their pre-owned cards at Cardpool.com naming the price of their choice, where individuals can purchase them, or where they may receive a direct purchase offer from Cardpool itself. Likewise, buyers can select from cards posted by individual sellers or from Cardpool's inventory of gift cards. 

"Cardpool streamlines the buying and selling process for pre-owned gift cards and egifts. We're continuously working to optimize our gift card exchange tools to 'get the right brands in the right hands,'" said David Jones, general manager of Blackhawk's Digital & Incentive divisions. "We're delighted to offer our customers multiple options for selling and purchasing gift cards and egifts online at Cardpool.com, via mobile through the Cardpool app and in-store at select U.S. retail and grocery locations."

To sell a gift card using Cardpool, the seller enters their card's information (brand, value, etc.), and then chooses whether to accept the offer from Cardpool or list the gift card in the Marketplace. Once the card is sold, the seller ships the card to the recipient (if it's a physical card) or emails the code (if it's digital), receiving payment in the form of a paper check or Amazon egift card, once the card is delivered. Though the exchange rate and fees varies by brand, according to Cardpool, sellers can expect to receive up to 92 percent of the card's value.