Gift Cards Most Popular Among Millennials

by Alex Palmer | February 29, 2016

A new report from The NPD Group and the Wharton School finds that gift cards are particularly popular with Millennials.

GCI Rolls Out Technology for Customizable Gift Cards and Rewards

by Alex Palmer | February 16, 2016
A new offering aims to give companies more personalized ways to reward customers or event attendees.

Paytronix Enhances Reward Program Interface, Adds New Client

by Alex Palmer | February 01, 2016

The updates are aimed at allowing marketers to both increase the number of loyalty program members they serve and increase the spending of those who are already members. 

How to Prevent Fraud in Loyalty Programs

by Mike McDonnell | January 15, 2016

Could your loyalty program be discouraging employees from using the program or turning customers away from the brands they love? A single instance of loyalty fraud just might.

Study Finds Strong Interest in Mobile Gift Cards

by Alex Palmer | January 12, 2016
Research released ahead of the holidays found that gift cards remain a strong draw for consumers. 

The Future Is Bright for Gift Card Resellers

by Andrea Doyle | January 05, 2016
Retailers are offering more ways to use digital gift cards than just printing out an email.

Online Gift Cards Are on the Rise

by Andrea Doyle | December 01, 2015
Online gift cards continue to be popular.

National Gift Card API Now Available in Canada

by Deanna Ting | November 05, 2015

Includes gift cards for, Best Buy, iTunes, Starbucks, and more.

CashStar Announces Enhancements to CashStar Commerce

by Deanna Ting | October 27, 2015
Clients now have access to private label credit card support, regifting, and on-demand activation.

A Unique Group of Gift Card Users: Teens and Tweens

by Deanna Ting | October 27, 2015 and The Gift Card Network recently teamed up to take a closer look at this unique gift-card demographic. Deanna Ting Recently,  and The Gift Card Network  partnered together to conduct a survey that would take a look at a group of gift card users who are of

Target Uses Gift Cards to Incentivize Consumers to Clean Out Their Closets

by Deanna Ting | October 20, 2015
The retailer partners with ThredUP, a company that acts as an online consignment store.

Amazon, Apple Ranked 'Most Intimate' Brands

by Alex Palmer | October 13, 2015
 Amazon, Apple, and Disney make the most personal impact on Millennials.