Report: Gift Cards for Dining and Movies Are Most Favored

by Alex Palmer | November 13, 2018
Blackhawk Network report also finds strong preference for physical gift cards.

New Travel Gift Card Launches

by Alex Palmer | November 05, 2018
Context Travel's gift cards offer a new option for those looking to offer individual travel awards.

FTC: Gift Cards Growing Choice for Scammers

by Alex Palmer | October 23, 2018
Gift cards used in more than one-quarter of frauds reported to the government agency.

Report: Reward-Based Promotions Outperform Discount-Based Promotions

by Alex Palmer | October 16, 2018
Hawk Incentives/Aberdeen Group research finds rewards are more effective motivators.

InComm Report: Consumers Plan Ahead in Gift Card Purchases

by Alex Palmer | October 08, 2018
Almost three-quarters of consumers plan open-loop card purchases in advance.

How to Motivate Anyone With Gift Cards, Part 1

by Alex Palmer | September 17, 2018

Tips on how to make the most of your gift card program, from Marina Hodges, RGCA Board Chair.

New Research Finds Gift Cards a Preferred Consumer Incentive

by Alex Palmer | July 16, 2018

New study from Blackhawk Network finds preference for gift cards over discounts.

Retail Gift Card Association Opens Registration for Second Annual Forum

by Alex Palmer | July 09, 2018

Event will offer networking, education and a chance to celebrate the organization's 10th anniversary.

Buyatab Summit Offers Education, Networking for Digital Gift Card Providers

by Alex Palmer | June 19, 2018
Two-day event tackles issues of fraud, technology, and more.

Blackhawk Network Unveils Multi-Brand ‘Happy Cards’

by Alex Palmer | June 05, 2018

Gift cards bundle group of brands to appeal to different target groups.

Research: Millennials Love Loyalty Programs

by Alex Palmer | June 04, 2018

Hawk Incentives survey finds Millennials are more active in loyalty programs than older generations.