by Alex Palmer | February 23, 2016
Digital reward firm Virtual Incentives has announced a significant expansion of its e-gift card solutions. Called Global eGiftCards, the new offering expands the Fishkill, NY-based company's program to more than 600 gift card brands. Virtual Incentives now serves 43 countries in 16 different currencies, covering 90 percent of world payment currency usage. 

James Gary, COO for Virtual Incentives, emphasized the breadth of the new solution, explaining that it would better allow the company to serve global companies, whether for their employee incentive programs or consumer-facing efforts.

"Our offer is cost-effective and reliable due to instant, digital delivery, and our clients don't have to piece together the solution on a country or regional basis, we've created a worldwide offering," Gray said in a statement.

Servicing such a widespread area, Gary stressed that the offerings would be "culturally relevant," providing cards for brands that are top sellers in their respective countries, including iTunes, Spotify, and Ticketmaster, to name a few.  As with its existing eGiftCard solutions, the global product is instantly deliverable across digital platforms and via mobile devices, using Virtual Incentives' online ordering platform and API integration. 

Along with the expanded reach, the program also promises enhancements in branding and personalization for each program, with an email management and delivery platform that aims to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their e-gift carding programs.

"Technology continues to make our world smaller by bringing people together in multiple ways," added Gary. "It's not enough to offer products in just one country or language or currency anymore or try to make a U.S. product fit into a different country or culture. This solution is made to meet the global needs of today's business community."