by Alex Palmer | May 30, 2016
Incentive firm Virtual Incentives has announced the launch of a new prepaid card for the incentive industry. The Virtual Incentives MasterCard can be used for employee engagement, consumer promotions, loyalty programs, and other recognition programs, providing customization for program administrators and ease-of-use for recipients. 

"The Virtual Incentives MasterCard card is the epitome of what incentives and rewards should look like in today's technology-driven world and leaves physical reward products in the dust. It's like going from a CD collection to streaming music," said Jonathan Price, CEO of the Fishkill, NY-based Virtual Incentives.

He emphasized that the card can be tailored with relevant branding and messaging to strengthen its impact in consumer or employee incentive programs. Virtual Incentives made particular note of the reward's user interface, designed to create especially impactful experiences for mobile reward recipients. An email is delivered to the recipient's inbox notifying him or her of the reward, along with a registration to a Virtual MasterCard account which can be immediately logged into online. 
"Our Virtual Incentives MasterCard card anticipates the ever-increasing expectations of the modern cross-platform, digitally conscious consumer, creating a beautiful digital experience from reward receipt to online redemption," added Price.

According to Virtual Incentives, the new offering brew out of customer feedback as well as trends in the marketplace. The firm pointed to a recent Forrester study that found 94 percent of marketing professionals maintained that personalization - a top priority in the design of the Virtual Incentives MasterCard - is "important," "very important," or "extremely important."

The Virtual Incentives MasterCard card can be ordered through Virtual Incentives' API integration, which provides secure, instant award delivery for organizations implementing their incentive platforms or applications.

More details can be found at Virtual Incentives' website.