by Alex Palmer | October 04, 2016
Planners seeking strategies for engaging workers and incorporating gift cards into their incentive programs have a new tool to add to their toolbox. A new infographic from incentive gift card company RPG Card Services provides data about employee recognition and best practices for motivating workers.

Titled "A Guide to Employee Recognition," the presentation offers up "10 Things You Didn't Know About Employee Recognition," including that workers with high job satisfaction are 12 percent more productive, and that peer-to-peer recognition produces a 41 percent improvement in customer satisfaction. It also points out that 85 percent of companies spending 1 percent or more of payroll on a recognition report a positive effect on engagement.

"Recognizing employee performance is the best way to increase productivity, and improve workforce engagement and retention," said Julie Feece, vice president North America - marketing for RPG Card Services. She said that the infographic "offers an overview of three aspects of building engagement and enhancing productivity: understanding the impact of recognition, creating solid programs, and discovering creative ways to make the program a success."

The presentation also provides a six-step plan for implementing recognition programs: Evaluate, Create, Sell It, Communicate, Measure, and Assess and Improve.

"Your program will die on the vine without careful measurement and reporting," reads the infographic. "Without seeing results, employees and leadership will soon shift focus elsewhere."

The full infographic can be viewed here.