Incentive Gift Card Council to Meet During Prepaid Expo USA

by Deanna Ting | February 27, 2013
Meeting will take place on March 4 in Orlando.

Survey: Small Gift Cards Make a Big Impact Around the Holidays

by Deanna Ting | September 11, 2012
New research by Parago shows that employees are more appreciative of small rewards than in 2011.

Blackhawk Network Gift Cards to Remain in New Jersey Retail Stores

by Deanna Ting | July 17, 2012
New modifications to controversial New Jersey gift card laws prompted Blackhawk to continue selling its prepaid gift cards within the state.

Prepaid Card Sales Grow 10 Percent in Second Half of 2011

by Alex Palmer | March 22, 2012
Prepaid cards saw a 10 percent surge compared to the same period the year before, according to First Data's Year-End Prepaid Gift Card Market Analysis.

The Life Cycle of an Incentive Gift Card

by Donna M. Airoldi | November 16, 2011
What do you really know about a gift card's life cycle?

Survey Finds Low-Value Prepaid Cards Still Make an Impact

by Alex Palmer | October 25, 2011
Sixty-four percent of employees said they would feel satisfied and motivated with a card worth $50 or less.

American Express Introduces Low-Fee Prepaid Card

by Donna M. Airoldi | June 27, 2011
No monthly, recurring, or activation fees with the new American Express Prepaid Card, introduced on June 16.

CARDSource Now Offers Fast Turnaround for Small Orders

by Donna M. Airoldi | June 22, 2011
New web-printing service offers card manufacturing, personalization, packaging, and mailing.

National Gift Card Partners With ASI on 2011 Shows, Survey

by Donna M. Airoldi | May 11, 2011
NGC will supply Visa prepaid cards as a sponsor of hotel room and travel reimbursement programs for the ASI Show.

Bridge2 Solutions Launches Digital Rewards Services

by Donna M. Airoldi | April 27, 2011
The reward-fulfillment company is adding electronic gift cards and mobile capabilities with its new Melodi Rewards Suite product.

Dittman Goes Digital

April 27, 2011
The incentive house is the latest to add virtual gift cards to its rewards portfolio.