by Deanna Ting | May 02, 2013
Lewisville, TX-based incentives and engagement company, parago, has launched a new prepaid card that is meant to drive consumers to action. 

The action-triggered card is delivered with a $0 balance to recipients and after the cardholder completes the required task, the card is then loaded with a reward. Parago believes that this new card makes it easier for marketers to leverage the rewards of a prepaid cards as motivational incentives much easier than ever before.

“Consumers want on-demand, immediate gratification,” Mike Reynolds, parago executive vice president and managing director of rewards & recognition, said in a statement. "Our action-triggered card tells them that if they take a specific action, such as a demo or product registration, they’ll have their rewards without delay. With card in hand, they are just one step away from their payment. Marketers will love this product, because they get the power of a prepaid card without the cost of sending out funded cards to their entire mailing lists." 

Customized programs can deliver these action-triggered cards directly to individuals or in bulk to agencies, offices or field teams. 
They can also be ordered, funded and even loaded directly by clients through the parago Reward Ordering Portal, or PROP. For a turnkey solution, parago can also manage the entire campaign.