by Deanna Ting | August 17, 2015
OmniCard, a provider of corporate reward cards, recently debuted a new Visa prepaid card program, called the OmniCard Small Business Visa Prepaid Card Program, for small- and medium-size companies in the U.S. The new program allows companies of any size to order co-branded Visa rewards and loyalty cards with no minimum requirements, using a self service interface. 

OmniCard is partnering with its sister company,, to provide its API platform that will power the program. 

"We have high expectations for the new Small Business Visa Prepaid Card program because we have requests on a regular basis from small business owners interested in placing small orders," explained Jason Wolfe, CEO of Omni Prepaid, LLC, parent company of OmniCard and, in a statement. "In the past, we rejected these orders. With this new program, we no longer need to turn those thousands of orders away."

Visa rewards and loyalty cards remain popular methods for rewarding employees and incentivizing customer loyalty. Traditionally, set-up fees and approval requirements require a sizable minimum order for these types of cards, making co-branded products out of reach for smaller businesses. OmniCard's new program is available to companies of all sizes and there are no minimum requirements, just a maximum of 50 cards per order and a maximum limit of $500 per card.