by Alex Palmer | October 29, 2018
Incentive gift card provider and fulfillment company National Gift Card is growing its business, with an investment of more than $2 million in expanded facilities and new assets. The company will be expanding its existing facility to 92,000 square feet, making room for three new cutting-edge gift card fulfillment machines.

"This investment expands our commitment to continuous improvement, technology, and quality that gives us the speed and accuracy to maintain our mission of being the 'Best in Class' gift card provider in the industry," said NGC CEO Adam Van Witzenburg, in a statement.

Built with Kern International Inc., the machines include the first-of-its-kind Kern K90-HS, which can process single card orders at 12,000 per hour; the Kern K91 machine, which increases the capacity, speed and accuracy of its traditional gift-card fulfilment techniques (while upgrading its existing K91 machines by adding cameras to reduce potential errors); and a first-of-its-kind Sorter machine that ensures it stacks the correct gift cards in the right order.

The announcement comes after last year's installation of two other first-of-their-kind Kern machines -- the Kern K-91CS gift card sequencer and Kern K91 tracking system. Eric Thiegs, president of National Gift Card, emphasized that this was part of an effort to stay a step ahead of its B2B customers' needs while finding innovative ways to enhance its offerings and service. 

"The combination of our new Kern machines, coupled with NGC's gift card API for digital gift card program applications, means NGC's gift card fulfillment platforms continue to set the gold standard for B2B gift card sourcing and fulfillment," says Eric Thiegs, President of National Gift Card. "While we continue to see advanced growth in our digital gift card API, physical gift cards aren't going anywhere for decades, and we'll continue to set the bar on rewards platform support as we deliver over 400 international merchant gift cards and prepaid open loop products to leading decision makers in the rewards, loyalty and incentive markets."