by Donna M. Airoldi | December 08, 2010

National Gift Card Corp. (NGC) has added digital gift card capabilities to its services, allowing customers to order gift cards online and have them delivered via e-mail.

The new program, called NGCecodes, was launched at the start of the holiday shopping season. Even though they are delivered electronically, cards can be redeemed by recipients either online or at a traditional physical store location.

“Many terms are used to describe digital or electronic gift cards, including ecodes, e-certificates, e-gift cards, or virtual gift cards,” says NGC President Adam Van Witzenburg, but “no matter what you call them, rewards issued to the recipient via e-mail are an increasingly popular option for purchasers who seek a more streamlined, convenient, flexible, and ‘green’ approach to offering gift cards as rewards or incentives.”

Customers can purchase in bulk quantities for personal delivery or have NGC handle delivery via its individual fulfillment program. Customization options also are available.

For more information, contact NGC at (888) 472-8747 or visit