by Alex Palmer | July 11, 2017
When it comes to the type of corporate gifts that people like to give, gift cards remain the category to beat. According to the latest exclusive research from Incentive, the "2017 Incentive Corporate Gift IQ Survey," gift cards are the only type of corporate gift cited by a majority of respondents as something they give.

Drawing on the responses of 464 corporate gift givers, the report found that 59.6 percent of those surveyed give gift cards as corporate gifts. That was followed by desktop/office accessories (given by 44.4 percent of respondents), apparel (41.8 percent), electronics (36.8 percent) and food (34.9 percent). In the individual comments, which asked respondents to name the best corporate gift they had received in the past year, 65 of those surveyed cited a gift card. These ranged in value from $10 to $5,000, with responses mentioning merchants such as Visa, Honey Baked Ham, Southwest Airlines, and Barnes & Noble, reflecting the wide variety of purposes and occasions the cards served.

On that note, the survey also asked respondents to cite which specific type of gift card they have given. The most popular, cited by 48.7 percent, was dining/restaurant cards, followed by retail (37.9 percent), debit cards (28.5 percent), entertainment (24.5 percent), multiple-merchant (13.2 percent), gas (12.9 percent), and travel (10.8 percent). A little more than one-quarter of respondents (26.1 percent) said they do not give gift cards as corporate gifts.

While the top category in this year's "Corporate Gift IQ," was gift cards, this actually represents a decrease from last year, whereas the No. 2 gift choice, desktop/office accessories, was up 8 percent. In the 2016 survey, more than two-thirds of respondents (67.7 percent) cited gift cards as a gift they gave.