by Alex Palmer | February 20, 2018
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed at the end of last year offered big tax savings to corporations, and many -- such as Walmart, Honeywell, and FedEx -- have passed some of this savings on to their employees in the form of bonuses and raises. But Omaha, NE-based incentive house GC Incentives has suggested what it considers a better idea: let them have gift cards.

"Cash gets added to paychecks and absorbed in the family expenses," Rick Buer, president and CEO of GC Incentives, told Incentive. "Employees feel like they can't or shouldn't spend that money on something special for themselves. If companies are looking to reward their employees, gift cards are a way for employees to choose a reward or experience for themselves or their family without the guilt associated with taking the money and using it just for something special."

This is not just idle talk. On Feb. 8, the company announced that it had gifted each of its employees one of GC Incentives' $250 SuperCertificates -- complete with company logo and a personal message from its leadership team. It included a code that gives each recipient access to a catalogue of more than 200 cards from which to choose, spending the extra money on gifts or experiences of their own selection.

"At GC we see every day how companies reward with gift cards and how much their employees love them -- including our own employees," added Buer. "We wanted to give companies looking at giving back tax savings to their employees an additional incentive to consider high-value gift cards over cash and really add value to the company and the employee experience."
To encourage other organizations to follow suit, GC Incentives is tying this announcement with a promotion for its clients: offering 5 percent off the face value of a SuperCertificate or GiftPass order (which translates to a 50 percent or 100 percent reduction in GC Incentives' service fee). This applies to orders made before March 30, 2018.

"Ask your employees what they would buy for themselves or their family if they had to use a reward for something other than bills," he said. "That's what you them to remember: the feeling of getting something special that builds a connection to your company."