by Alex Palmer | August 15, 2017
GC Incentives is fully embracing digital in its gift card offerings. The 20-year-old incentive company, which began as, is finding new ways to stay a step ahead of changing technology, which it is promoting with the release of a new white paper.

Titled "Keep Your Program Dollars Invested in Your People, Not a Platform," the report lays out GC Incentives efforts to deepen its digital offerings while cutting costs and passing this savings on to its clients. Among these offerings is the GC GiftPass, a digital card that can be stored in a digital wallet, chosen from more than 200 merchants and customized with branding and multimedia. 

The white paper cites in-house data that when a gift card is sent using GC Incentives' personalized digital greeting card, it creates 57 percent more loyalty in employees. Additionally, 70 percent of consumers reported that digital personalization drives greater interest in sending digital cards.

"If you look at our industry, everyone looks and sounds the same," said Rick Buer, GC Incentives CEO. "But after listening to our customers, we see an opportunity to shift our direction to offer even deeper integration to what customers are looking for, which is to embrace the benefits of technology without the restrictions and exorbitant costs attached to expensive platforms."

The report also spotlights GC GiftTokens, digital spot rewards that start at $5 in value that feature a description of the gift on the front (e.g. "A trip for 2 just for you" or "Dinner is on us") and a message on the back ("Congrats" or "You're a rock star"). This offering also uses haptic technology, which interacts with the recipient's mobile device to create an interactive animation, such as a glass of beer that the user can virtually drink when they tip their device, or a snow globe they can shake. 

Buer stressed that GC Incentives' focus on digital results in cuts to overhead costs of as much as 40 percent when compared to merchandise award fulfillment, and that these savings can be passed along to clients.

"Ninety-five cents out of every dollar our customers spend on these programs goes to their people," said Buer. "We believe that's where the true engagement begins."

The full report can be downloaded here.