by Alex Palmer | April 12, 2016
Citing an in-house study showing that rebates are a particularly popular consumer promotion, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions has announced a number of new rebate processing solutions aimed at making this tool easier to use and more effective.

Among the new promotional tools from the Lewisville, TX-based prepaid card and payment solutions company is a program that can automatically give consumers a 10 percent rebate when using a retailers' prepaid gift card, aimed at driving additional consumer spending. Another is the ability to auto-enroll gift card recipients in a retailers' loyalty program based on the information they must provide to use a rebate. This can substantially reduce the cost of acquiring new loyalty program members, as well as help retailers better tailor future incentives to shoppers' preferences.

"We are now saving our customers millions of dollars with our proprietary loyalty and customer relationship management (CRM) recruitment alone," Rodney Mason, global vice president of marketing at Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, told Incentive. "Our new offerings reduce customer friction and add significant omni-channel enhancements to meet the instant gratification expectations of today's shopper while still realizing the benefits from validated rewards."

After a purchase, a shopper completes an online rebate submission, during which she answers questions about preferences for rewards and incentives.

"So the shopper receives the initial incentive of the rebate, and then gets incremental deals personalized for her," explained Mason. "The brand gets the opportunity to offer additional deals that will drive consumers back to spend more."

Customers who opt-in for higher-value offers during the rebate submission process can also be automatically loaded in to the retailer's savings CRM promotion communications. The program also offers social rewards, providing customers with bonus incentives for sharing their savings on social platforms, as well as a survey module.

"The majority of shoppers are now heavily using social to pre-shop and share good values and savings they discover," added Mason, pointing to a recent national shopper survey conducted by Blackhawk. "Consumers love social reward rebates for two reasons: it offers them access to special bonus rewards when they share their savings, and it gives them the opportunity to share socially the bargain they just found. This is terrific for the sponsoring brand because it drives awareness for the rebate promotion."