by Deanna Ting | July 17, 2012
Blackhawk Network, a provider of prepaid and financial payments products for consumers and businesses, recently announced its decision to continue selling prepaid gift cards throughout New Jersey retail stores.
The Pleasanton, CA-based company’s decision to keep its cards in New Jersey stores comes as a result of recent changes to New Jersey's 2010 revision to its unclaimed property law. With the governor's signature on Senate Bill No. 1928 (S.1928), also known as Assembly Bill No. 3045, New Jersey law has been modified to include consumer protections regarding expiration dates and post-purchase fees on gift cards that are sold in New Jersey.
Blackhawk says that it worked with New Jersey state lawmakers to ensure that the continued sale of prepaid products would not come at the expense of consumer privacy.
"We applaud the governor and the Legislature for taking this important step to enhance consumer protection, while delaying the provisions that would have negatively impacted New Jersey consumers and businesses alike," says Talbott Roche, president, Blackhawk Network.

"Blackhawk will continue to sell prepaid cards in New Jersey; however, we remain concerned about any requirement to collect consumer data in association with the sale of gift cards. The four-year moratorium on requiring collection of personal data at point of sale offers a temporary solution, and provides us with an opportunity to work with lawmakers to protect the long-term interests of our customers over the coming years."
Blackhawk Network is a subsidiary of Safeway Inc. The company's Gift Card Mall offers the prepaid gift card and telecom products from a variety of brands. Blackhawk Network's business solutions include reward and incentive programs.