by Deanna Ting | March 18, 2015
Lewsiville, TX-based Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, an international incentives and engagement company, recently expanded its international incentive offerings with the debut of hyperWALLET's Paylution Euro Prepaid Card and Paylution GBP Prepaid Card. Now, international reward earners can now receive their awards in euros or British pound sterling, which translates into in-country currency in more than 43 countries.
Previous international incentive products allowed businesses to deliver rewards across the globe, but traditionally in U.S. dollar or Canadian dollar options. Because of this,  a portion of the reward would often be lost to currency conversion fees when used in other countries. The Paylution Euro and GBP cards, offered through Blackhawk Engagement Solutions and developed and  managed by hyperWALLET, will allow more reward earners around the world to receive the full value of their awards.
"As companies continue to expand across the globe, their incentive programs will need the same reach," said Sheree Thornsberry, GVP of global channel and employee solutions for Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. "The Paylution Euro and GBP Cards provide a seamless reward experience in the currencies, languages, and denominations that today's global organizations demand."
Paylution Euro and GBP Card cardholder support materials are available in eight languages and the cardholder website is available in 19 different languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and Russian. The single-load cards include EMV technology for enhanced security, come in flexible denominations, and provide ATM access and personalization.
The Paylution Euro and GBP Cards are delivered with industry-leading expertise that Blackhawk Engagement Solutions promises: efficient fulfillment shipped directly to reward earners, a proven commitment to client service excellence, 24/7 lost or stolen customer service coverage and more.
Prepaid cards are the reward of choice around the world because they allow recipients to spend the money as they'd like. Additionally, businesses enjoy the incentives because they offer a pleasing award solution for diverse, global audiences.