by Alex Palmer | February 08, 2016
Prepaid and payments solutions provider Blackhawk Network announced on Feb. 3 that it had acquired digital commerce platform NimbleCommerce. The acquisition allows the Pleasanton, CA-based payments network to bolster its online distribution capabilities for gift cards and e-gift cards. According to Talbott Roche, president of Blackhawk Network, the addition will better deliver promotions and brand offerings to consumers and "is an exciting compliment to the Blackhawk Network ecommerce platform."

Based in Santa Clara, CA, NimbleCommerce helps merchants (many of them local or regional) to promote their gift cards and pre-paid offerings through its network of digital publishers, providing them with a branded adaptive website, along with customizable shopping experiences and built-in fraud protection. It provides publishers with an e-commerce engine through which to sell these gift card promotions, including one-click buy on mobile devices and shopping carts, as well as a platform that allows for customized emails and content management system. By acquiring NimbleCommerce, Blackhawk expands its reach to these hundreds of media outlets, deal websites, and other publishers, while also adding the thousands of merchants to Blackhawk global offerings.

Prashant Nedungadi, CEO of NimbleCommerce, said of the arrangement, "By joining our commerce and promotions platforms and our marketing, web and mobile solutions with Blackhawk's, we are confident that our customers and partners will benefit greatly."

David Jones, Blackhawk Network general manager of global digital and e-commerce, added that retailers place particular importance on offering discounts and deals to attract new shoppers, making this arrangement mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

"The NimbleCommerce team has done an excellent job in responding to this market interest with a platform that effectively merges advertisers with publishers," Jones said in a statement. "We're looking forward to leveraging this across both Blackhawk's and NimbleCommerce's networks."