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5 Wellness-Oriented Gift Cards

by Alex Pamer | January 18,2019
Help incentive participants stick to their healthy New Year's resolutions.


Flourish Conference to Focus on Customer Experience With Branded Currency

by Alex Palmer | January 08,2019
Third annual event brings together experts in gift cards and beyond.

Trends Report: Gift Card Merchants Embracing Omnichannel, Aggressive Fraud Protection

by Alex Palmer | December 31,2018
NAPCO Research findings point to opportunities for tapping into self-use purchases and improving ADA compliance.

New Study Finds Merchant Gift-Card Offerings Improving

by Alex Palmer | December 18,2018

 Retail, health/beauty, home goods and apparel show highest increases in recipient approval.



5 Wellness-Oriented Gift Cards

Help incentive participants stick to their healthy New Year's resolutions.

5 Dining and Beverage Gift Cards to Consider

Dining and beverage gift cards hit the spot when it comes to rewarding and recognizing employees.

Say 'Thank You' With Holiday Gift Cards

GiftCard Partners' Deborah Merkin offers tips for buying and presenting motivational gift cards.

New Travel Gift Card Launches

Context Travel's gift cards offer a new option for those looking to offer individual travel awards.

The Changing Landscape of Travel Gift Cards

How social media and the sharing economy are impacting this segment. Launches 'Dine + Travel Pass' has launched a new product that combines a gift card with a Travel Savings Card.
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