Whether you've just been handed the task of creating an incentive program from scratch or are looking to reinvigorate a long-standing company initiative, Incentive's free webcast series, How to Run an Effective Incentive Program, will give you a solid understanding of six core types of incentive, engagement, and loyalty programs, as well as offering step-by-step guides on how to plan, execute, and measure the results of your own programs.

In each 60-minute webcast, attendees will be given all the tools needed to boost the bottom line with better results from sales teams, channel partners, and consumers; use recognition to create a more-engaged and loyal workforce; reduce insurance costs and improve productivity with a health and wellness program; and create a safer workplace.

Register today and start learning everything you need to know to run an effective incentive program that drives tangible business outcomes.

How to Run a Safety Incentive Program

  • Available On-Demand
  • Sponsored by WorkStride

How to Run a Health and Wellness Incentive Program

  • Wednesday, April 26th @ 2pm ET
  • Sponsored by Northstar Meetings Group

How to Run a Consumer Loyalty Program

  • Thursday, June 1st @ 2pm ET
  • Sponsor TBA

How to Run an Engagement and Recognition Program

  • Wednesday, August 2nd @ 2pm ET
  • Sponsor TBA

How to Run a Channel Sales Incentive Program

  • Wednesday, September 27th @ 2pm ET
  • Sponsor TBA

How to Run a Sales Incentive Program

  • Wednesday, October 25th @ 2pm ET
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