by Donna M. Airoldi | November 21, 2010

Electronic-device protection is a segment of the merchandise industry that has really taken off in recent years. Atlanta-based case-mate, a provider of mobile accessories since 2006, introduced new additions to its product line this week that showcase exclusive designers as well as radiation-reducing technology.


Show you care about your employees’ health with case-mate’s new Bounce collection. The cover employs patented technology certified by the Federal Communications Commission from Pong Research Corp. and uses a micro-thin metallic circuit board to redirect at least 60 percent of “normal” cell phone radiation and 85 percent of “hot spot” radiation away from users while maintaining full signal strength.

The slim and flexible case comes in black, gray, bright green, and pink and is currently available for the iPhone 4 for $49.99, with covers coming soon for the BlackBerry 8520, 9650, and 9700 smartphones. Pong technology is also available in covers for the iPhone 3/3GS phones for $39.99.

The Erik Arlen Collection

Industrial designer Erik Arlen, known for his innovative shoe designs for Nike, has teamed up with case-mate to create an exclusive line of four tech cases for the iPhone 4 available only at

  • The Egg: Extruded dots of different heights simulate the look of an egg crate and create an interesting feel in the user’s hand. Impact-resistant silicon. Available in red, white (translucent), blue, and black. Screen protection kid included. $24.99
  • Facets: Random intersections of varying-size triangles with three different coatings. Impact resistant, flexible shell. Available in red, white, and black. Screen protection kit included. $24.99
  • The Rubix: Four, form-fitting interlocking color blocks allow customers to customize the look of their case. Impact resistant, flexible shell. Six modular pieces per four different color sets, from bright to dark hues. $34.99
  • Stacks: Six color bands lock together to create a form-fitting case with seemingly endless color combinations. Impact resistant, flexible shell. Eight modular pieces per color set; available in Passion Play, Full Volume, and Mechanica. Screen protection kit included. $34.99

Nordstrom Collection

Case-mate has also partnered with Nordstrom to create a line of nine different iPhone and iPad cases for men and women, with prices starting at $19.99. Highlights include:

  • The Venture: This iPad case comes with a built-in stand and presentation easel and is available in brown leather or faux lizard skin in various colors and accents. $89.99
  • Flip Wallet: The leather iPhone case includes a place to store up to two items: driver’s license, credit card, subway pass, and more. Secure magnet closure. Available in brown with blue lining, or black with orange lining. $49.99
  • Pop!: Lightweight plastic and rubber combine to form a protective iPhone 4 case with a soft touch. Impact resistant; screen protection kid included. Available in white/cool gray and grey/cool gray at Nordstrom; four additional colors online at case-mate. $34.99

The collection is available at and at more than 100 Nordstrom stores in the United States.

Logos and Other Customization Options

Case-mate offers certain iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry covers that can be customized by uploading a personal image or corporate logo, or selecting from a series of artist-created images. Imprinting, etching, and engraving also are available. For more information, call (888) 689-3432.